Welcome to our Virtual Research and Training Building (ViB)

At the CoAI JRC we want to provide convenient open access to our world-class research infrastructure for cooperative and cognition-enabled robotics and AI through our innovative Virtual Research and Training Building (ViB).

Scientists from anywhere in the world will be able to enter the ViB to find virtual labs with digital twin robots, control software, and household and retail experimental environments, as well as virtual knowledge labs and everyday activity labs.

You will also be able to access our open software, data, and educational resources, as well as virtual co-working spaces that allow researchers to be present and interact through avatars, using distributed infrastructures. Our vision is that the ViB will offer a fertile habitat for a responsible and inclusive research community and ecosystem for the advancement of research and training in CoAI.

How to navigate the ViB

We are currently developing a version of the ViB that can be downloaded and installed to allow you to navigate the building from your own computer. You can also use the links below to explore the different floors and see everything we currently have to offer. The building is currently under construction and will continue to grow steadily, so check back here often.

If you would like to help the ViB grow by contributing assets, services, or research facilitators, please get in touch!